(Not only) family pictures in a different way.

In a lifestyle and documentary format.
With a personal approach. At your homes. In a city.



My name is Hana Neumann and my passion is lifestyle photography. I offer family photography, pregnancy pictures, newborn pictures and portraits. I also capture weddings and private events.

I create naturally looking pictures reflecting sincere emotions and the beauty of everyday life. All my clients say that a photo session with me is fun – don’t be afraid of some lengthy boring posing. You will be together as a family or a couple, enjoying each other and I will capture these moments in an artistic manner.

The exterior sessions are usually coupled with short walk – to get a relaxed atmosphere, to let children have fun and to find the best spot with proper light conditions. I have a lot of experience with children and all kinds of their moods (including the most noncooperative ones. I have one toddler to train with :-). Interior sessions are best done in your flat/house/garden and fun is also going to be a part of it. In both cases I use only natural light during the photo session.

Newborn photography is typically done between 2nd and 8th weeks to capture the unforgettable first moments with your baby. This period passes so quickly…. I recommend shooting at your home as moving a fresh baby into some unfamiliar environment like a photo atelier is not aligned with the lifestyle approach. My other rule is that I do not touch the baby during the photo session, I believe that a newborn belongs to parents‘ hands. 

We will discuss the best location for you in advance. In any case, the place should resonate with you and  you should feel fine and relaxed there… It can be your home, your street, your favorite park or center of the city in which you do live. The pictures should have an interesting context, relevant to your life at the time of shooting.

In lifestyle photography home location is very popular because it is the place where you often meet each other, interact and live everyday emotions. Don’t worry if your home does not look like a studio – even one window can be a sufficient light source and one couch or bed can be enough for beautiful family pictures.

For me as a lifestyle photographer the most important thing is that you feel great and comfortable in the clothes that you wear. Anyhow, I recommend avoiding crazy colors, patterns and inscriptions on T-shirts. Also lighter colours are usually better than the dark ones, black is better to be avoided. 

Yes, please contact me for more details. 

Editing pictures is done in a very natural way – adjusting of white and dark areas, fixing colors if the picture needs it. I do not change body proportions or do any heavy skin retouche. I can deal with acne, sunburn and similar problems. 

Publishing pictures is up to you. Once you get previews from me, I will ask you if I can use the pictures for my advertising. I will be very grateful for your consent since publishing pictures is the only way for me to present my work via a portfolio. However, I will also fully respect your decision even if your answer will be negative. You can also choose which pictures would be fine for you to publish and which not. 


2.000 CZK
  • 10 pictures of your choice
  • Extra pictures for price of CZK 100 per picture
  • Discounted package of 25 pictures for CZK 3 000
  • Discounted package of 50 pictures for CZK 4 000
  • Personalized slideshow
  • Private online gallery


1.500 CZK
  • 10 picture of your choice
  • Extra pictures for price of CZK 100 per picture
  • Private online gallery


  • Price according to an individual agreement
  • Weddings from CZK 10 000
  • Small, intimate wedding CZK 5000